Honor Throwdown 2014
Honor Throwdown 2014
Coach Jake at the CrossFit Games
Team TCF at the CF Games Fundraiser
Our Box
Rumble for the Robinsons

Happy Black Friday!  Morning Classes only.  Remember December OnRamp begins Monday!  Email, call or show up, classes are at 6:15am OR 6:15pm.  There is no better gift you can buy yourself or a loved one that the gift of health, and OnRamp is the best thing out there to get them on the path to better health!

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If you feel like putting in a WOD, the Turkey Trot is for you!  If not, have a fantastic holiday, watch some football, over indulge on turkey and remember Black Friday WOD at 5:15am and 6:15am ONLY!

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‘Tis the season of that slippery slope of “moderation”.  We talk about moderation a lot these days.  We have come up with a simple yet effective definition: the rationalization we use for (insert donut, drinks, missed mobility, sugar sugar sugar).

The holidays can be a dangerous time for those of us making progress with our booboos, our diet, our workout routine, etc.  We tend to start the slippery slope of moderation.  We pass the table 8 times with the cookies, only partaking in one.  Each time.

So while I want all of you to do one thing and one thing only on these festive days, love your family like crazy!  Spend all the time with them you can, hell even when you skip out to the free class!  Enjoy it.  But don’t indulge it.

You guys have been working your butts off (actually working on building butts with all these squats!)  Taking a bunch of backwards steps over a couple of sugary treats may not seem like a big deal, I’ve seen it a million times at my office, one becomes 10 becomes a daily thing.  They say good habits are hard to form and easy to break, while bad habits are easy to form and hard to break.

So if you partake, partake, don’t stress about it.  But when I see you and ask you how your food intake is, be prepared to put some extra work in to get back on track!  The Open is creeping up on us quickly as well as The Ice Bowl at CrossFit Green Bay, which I expect to have people in just about every category competing this year!  We already have a couple getting in the competition mindset.

So have an incredible Thanksgiving, have one piece of pumpkin (or apple) pie and we will see you at the box!

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Thursday Thanksgiving Day, No Classes (Run the Turkey Trot)

Friday morning classes will be at regular times and ONLY classes of the day!  5:15am and 6:15am!

Regular Saturday and Sunday schedule with our Free Class on as usual!

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December OnRamp starts Monday!!!  This is your chance to introduce yourself to CrossFit and learn why it is the best overall fitness program on the planet!  Stop in anytime, call or email for more information!

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Utilize all 60 minutes!  After the WOD start immediately (after you can stand back up) with mobility.  Wrists, hips, shoulders, spend extra time nurturing those little booboos!

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