Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend…BACK TO WORK!  OnRamp starts Wednesday, 6:15am or 6:15pm.  Show up a few minutes early and get ready to make the greatest investment in your health that you possibly can!

TCF UNKILLABLE Challenge officially starts at 12:01am Tuesday September 2nd.  Start logging meals on the App and make sure to get your Body Composition testing done!


A) EMOM x 4 min: Snatch Balance: 3 reps add weight each set
B) BS: 50/10, 70/8, 75/6, 80/4, 85/4, 90/4

“The Ghost”
6 Rounds of:
1 Minute of Rowing, Calories
1 Minute of Burpees
1 minute of Double Unders
1 minute rest

Try for as many reps as possible for EACH exercise, not just total score.  Post separate totals of Calories Rowed, Burpee Reps, and Double Under Reps completed.

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Saturday Free Class at 8:30am!  Only class of the weekend so come get your workout it!  Never experienced CrossFit?  OnRamp begins Wednesday at 6:15am or pm.  The Free Class is the perfect way to jump in and see if CrossFit is for you.  If not, you’ll still walk out getting in one hell of a workout!

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Hey gang, almost time to start our 30 day challenge!  Here are the guidelines:
1) Download the Paleo Challenge free app for iPhone and Android and find our challenge, the “TCF UNKILLABLE CHALLENGE”

2) Familiarize yourself with the app and food guidelines

3) Challenge starts the day after Labor Day, September 2nd

4) Members are required to get in at least 2 WODs per week during the challenge

5) IF you have a non-member joining with you try to drag them to a FREE CLASS a few times during the month, 3 preferably or make sure they implement some form of exercise at home at least 2x/week. (OnRamp is a good place to start!)

6) Record your food daily, you are on the honor system.

7) $1 per point you accumulate will go into the pot, place in dues box as you go as a constant reinforcement to not cheat!

8) Body composition will be available on Day 1 at the gym.  IF you don’t get it done on Day 1, the body comp machine will be at my office: The Wellness Way, 2638 Tulip Lane in Howard, 5 minutes from the gym.

9) Share your successes and challenges with your friends as we go to help them with any of their challenges and let them know of any struggles you may be having and they can help you out as well!

10) There will be prizes.

11) Be accountable.

12) Do Work.

13) Become UNKILLABLE!!!

14) Start on time, starting late is automatic cheats for every meal!

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Regular WOD 9:30am

A) Blocks @ BK: Power Clean x 3 reps, every 90 sec @ 75% x 5 sets
B) From Ground: Power Clean + Power Jerk, 1 rep every 20 sec @ 65% x 4 min

5 attempts: Handstand into HS Walk x 50ft max, rest as needed


3 Rounds for Time

500m Row
10 Push Press 115/80
20 Sit Ups

Post time to SugarWOD

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8:30am Free Class

9:30am Regular WOD

A) BN Push Press + BN Jerk: 70-75/5+2*4 sets
B) FS: 50/10 55/10 60/10 65/10 Deload Week

Deadlifts 225/155
HSPU (kipping allowed)

Post time to SugarWOD

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My favorite passage of a speech by Teddy Roosevelt referred to as “The Man in the Arena” goes like this, “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

I could not think of a better quote to sum up why we compete.  Coming off of this past weekends competition, my first ever Olympic Weightlifting meet, I was instantly reminded of why we love to compete.  Because it’s game day!

We come to the gym to work, to improve, to increase our work capacity.  To see improvements in our daily lives by improving on the 10 General Physical Skills: Cardiovascular Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy.  We improve on these things for many reasons: to challenge ourselves, to improve our level of fitness, to increase our ability to play with our grandkids, to be able to take the puppy for a walk and not have to take breaks along the way, to change that person in the mirror that we don’t recognize anymore, and of course, to compete.

People think of CrossFit as some “crazy cult of dummies” as someone just said in a conversation I was having.  CrossFit is one thing above all else, The Sport of Fitness.  All sports, football, hockey, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, rugby among others, have 2 distinct components: Practice, and Game Day!

Go over by Lambeau on a practice day, watch the Packers.  Now go on Game Day, feel the change in the air, the buzz of excitement, the anticipation of the first play, the thrill of the flyover.  Game Day.  There’s nothing like it.

Like I said and many of you know I recently competed in my first Olympic Lifting meet.  The meet for my group lasted about a total of 90 minutes.  In that time I completed 6 lifts (plus warm ups in back) in front of a sparse crowd, but in front of people intently watching every second of every lift.  I noticed a couple things and I was taken back to days of playing sports in school.  The pounding heart (which I believe lasted all 90 minutes), the increased focus, the adrenaline, the shaking hands.  I love competition.  Love it!  I went in as prepared as I could be, I had practiced and practiced and was peaking at the right time.  I didn’t have a million things going through my mind, just a couple key points that I try to focus on, that in practice a million other things come in to play.  But not on game day.  On game day you put everything together and before you know it, your practice is put on display.  Poor practice leads to poor performance more often than not.

My nerves were shot going into my first lift, a 95kg (209#) snatch.  Which I struggled with in practice.  But with this being game day, I kept reading “hit your opener”, every where I looked I saw “hit your opener”.  Once I hit it, I was fine.  Then went on to hit 100kg and 105kg for a PR of 231#.  It reminded me of game day.  That first shift of a hockey game, the first play in football, the first pitch faced in baseball.  Once you settle in to game speed, everything else melts away.

Competition is exhilarating.  Ask the “Beauties and the Beast” that competed over at the fundraiser a couple weeks ago.  A WOD is a WOD is a WOD on practice days…except maybe Fran.  But on competition day…a WOD is a completely different animal.  It isn’t something to be completed, it’s something to be conquered, like the opponent standing on the other side of the field on game day.  It’s where your preparation will pay off.

We compete.  We compete to win.  We compete to build camaraderie.  We compete to be part of a team.  So look around, find competitions.  They will always be shared at the gym, on the Facebook page, on the website.  Get a team or a group of individual competitors and head over to a competition.  Compete on Game Day.  One thing it will do, and I promise, is completely change your outlook on coming to the gym on practice days.

So let’s challenge ourselves to find a competition and enter as a team or individual.  Compete.  Do your best.  Win.  Do it for yourself, for your team, for your friends at the box.  And after the competition, come back and share your experience.  Inspire others to compete.  Believe me, the charge you get from it will carry you through the long practice days until the next Game Day.  The long practice days are when we are becoming unkillable.  Game Day is where we dominate.

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All truth passes through three stages.  First, it is ridiculed.  Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. -Arthur Schopenhauer

This is as true with CrossFit as it is with anything new that comes down the pike.  At first CrossFit was a crazy cult (ridiculed).

Now if you pay attention to people everywhere, from nutrition and fitness classrooms to any fitness professional not associated with it, it is getting very violent opposition.  It will kill you!  You’ll get rhabdo!  The body isn’t meant to be pushed that hard!  It’s too extreme!  You’ll shoot your eye out!  Blah, blah, blah…

So guess what’s next?  The truth that CrossFit is the best fitness program on the planet will be as self evident to everyone else as it is to me and some of you.  Want proof?  Watch the CrossFit Games!

But here is the problem…if you haven’t tried CrossFit yet and you are reading this, some things might happen to you like they happened to lots of other people.  You’ll mention to someone that you’re thinking about giving CrossFit a try.  Now you may be lucky and mention it to someone who truly cares about you and they’ll support you and maybe even join you in your new endeavor.  Or, perhaps, you mention it to a family member or coworker that has a bad self image.  See the problem with these people is that they don’t want their bad self image to become worse by having other people around them in better shape or fitter or happier or making any kind of self improvement.  So they become an anchor and try to latch on to you and hold you or even drag you down to their current state.  I’ve seen it happen, a lot.  People bringing down their own family members because they think that when a person is trying to improve themselves that it means that they are trying to make themselves better than somebody else.  Fact is, the person that they are trying to be better than is their own current self.

We have a saying, “It’s just you versus you”.  You can’t make somebody else ready to make a change in their life, they have to be ready.  So if you’re ready, jump in, ALL IN.  Don’t casually dip a toe in here and there.  Dive in and immerse yourself in to the culture of people making these positive changes that you want to make.  Know what you’ll find?  A community of support! An amazing community that will do anything to help you become better.  Strangers becoming great friends.  From helping you finish a workout, cheering your successes, sharing better recipes, creating a girls night so you and your new friends can get to know each other better in and out of the gym.

This is the most amazing thing to me about CrossFit, the COMMUNITY!  The hard work is self evident.  The results are self evident.  But the community, that’s the amazing thing that you don’t hear about unless you actually talk to a crossfitter (and they will talk about CrossFit).  They’ll relay to you what the work and results are like, but go on and on about the people.

So when you’re ready to commit to yourself that you’re going to be better than what you are, when you’re ready to dive in, ALL IN, we are here.  Our next OnRamp class begins Monday August 4th.  Are you ready?

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