Festivus Games Crew
Festivus Games Crew
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Honor Throwdown 2014
Honor Throwdown 2014
Coach Jake at the CrossFit Games
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Rumble for the Robinsons

Mega kudos to every single one of you that did any little bit of helping out today and leading into today.  Before we even got started the Festivus server crashed!  After some stress and flirting with going to pen and paper, Mary Ellen took the reins and was at the computer all day long making sure things ran smoothly.

From Kevin and Missy out manning the grill (how awesome was that chicken!) to their boys running all over the place.  The TCF and all the other awesome volunteers that were making sure the equipment was swapped out and and lined up that kept us ahead of schedule ALL DAY and helped us get done an hour early, great job!  And special thanks to Brad for taking pictures all day long, can’t wait to see them!

Jake, the emcee, getting all the athletes where they needed to be and keeping that clock running smoothly.

Kelly, who sacrificed every spare second of her free time (even creating more free time) to be there every night this week to help take care of every little detail.

Nik, our “Dave Castro” as Jake put out there, for not pulling out your hair in the process and putting together an impeccably excellent meet!

And for everyone that helped work on our new addition, from dirt and grime to clean and lean, can’t wait to break it in!

From the bottom of my heart, from my family’s, thank you to everyone that just gave Titletown CrossFit the reputation that you guys gave it today!  The praise keeps rolling in, you guys made me very proud today, showing not only your commitment to becoming more Unkillable, but your commitment to excellence.

And to the Unkillables, you killed it!  Last weeks warm ups were destroyed!  You did your coaches proud and you should be extremely proud of the effort you put forth!

So all around…Job.  Well.  Done.

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Hey gang, come on out and cheer on 70+ competitors giving their all on Saturday April 18th!  Competition begins at 9:45am and trophies are handed out at 5:55pm.

Great things will be going on all day long, lots of vendors, food, drinks and sweat will be in abundance.

This competition is for the Intermediate and Novice athlete, so if you’re thinking about starting CrossFit, this is the competition to watch!  For most of these athletes they’ve been in CrossFit for a short time and this will be their first competition.  They’ll be as nervous about competing as you are about joining CrossFit.  So come on out and cheer them on and experience CrossFit first hand.

The event is free for all that come to spectate as we hope to expose our love for CrossFit to as many people as possible!

There will be sponsors from around the country, food and beverages for the spectators as well as other fun items.

It’s a “Festivus for the Rest of Us”!  Come on out and have a ball cheering on everyone, hope to see you here!

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Thank you everyone that worked out today and helped us with Festivus!  It was an immensely important day and you guys were awesome!

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Here is a sample of our newest shirt!  These are pre-order only, please either stop in or click this button to have it shipped.  Pre-orders will only be taken for the next 7 days, expiring 3/27/2015.  A link will be posted to buy online or you can always drop in and place an order.

TitletownCF Unkillable MOCKUP


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We are officially 1 month from Festivus!  Hope you’ve been training! Directions to Titletown CrossFit will be posted in video format from the south and north.  We will have neon signs on the corners of Cornell Road directing you as well.  Coffee will be on hand and we are working on a couple food vendors as well, starting with the Eggs and Bacon Wagon!

The nearest hotels to Titletown are: AmericInn on Velp (920) 434-9790, rooms are 20% discounted when you mention the Festivus Games.  And the Country Inn and Suites on Lineville (920) 884-2000 has some standard rooms and suites available at $105 and $125+ tax respectively.

As a reminder, Registration will start at 8am, with athlete briefing at 9am.  Schedule of the days events will be released a week before the event.  We also are still in need of some volunteers and judges, below is the shirts you’ll receive for volunteering, as a little incentive!  We need to order so if interested email me at: jason@titletowncrossfit.com with your size.  Judges_Shirt_Options

For our awesome sponsors, click to visit below!

ribbon logo


RxSmartgear SBTT_Logo_Options-03prgnx-logo_retinalajava-temp-logologo-black

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As of now we are hurrying into prep.  We have all 72 spots filled and sponsors are starting to accumulate.  To date we have Rocktape, Hylete, Snatchbacks & Tattoos, The Wellness Way and waiting to hear from a couple others.

We are hoping to have the local coffee shop bring their trailer to the gym and sell coffee to everyone as well.  Still working on food vendors.

Also if you want to volunteer or judge or help in any capacity email me at: jason@titletowncrossfit.com


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On a tombstone you’ll find a person’s lifespan written out as such: March 18, 1933 – April 15, 1987.  There is a world of life and experiences, love and hope, relationships and chances taken and not taken, all contained in that little dash.

But this also relates to life in the gym.

A car’s performance is often based on how it quickly it gets from 0-60.  So let’s use that as a measuring stick in the gym.  If our “goal” is to reach 60, and we all start at 0, we first have to hit 1, then 2, then 3 and so on and so forth.  A lot of times we see people in the gym that are already at 45 and think, “wow that’ll never be me” even though they were once at 0 as well.

What we don’t often see, unless we work out with that person a lot, is the work that they put in to get from 0 to where they are.  Sometimes they are doing double the work in a day, or maybe a little stricter on their diet than we are to get to 60 a bit faster.  Maybe their goals are different than ours.  Maybe they want to compete in CrossFit or Snatch over their body weight, maybe they want to hit a drive 280 yards down the middle of the fairway, or maybe they want to pick up 2 of their children or grandchildren at once!  Whatever our goal is, we come here to attain it.

Maybe you’re coming in to the gym a rusty old pick up truck, maybe you’re coming in a Ferrari in need of a little tune up.  Either way, I promise if you put in the work, do what it takes, you’ll get from 0 all the way to 60.  You may not get there as fast as the person next to you, because let’s face it, we are all different.  We all have different backgrounds.  We all have different levels of competitiveness.  We all eat a little differently.  We all come from a place unique to ourselves, but we also come to a place of Hard Work, Community and Results.

We come here because we know what we want for a reward.  We come for our friends, our workout buddies, our “bros” (even if they’re not exactly a bro…ladies).  We come for the community.  And we are all searching for and working for the same thing: Results.  Whether it’s to stand on that podium, or win the skin on the 18th hole, or holding those adorable kids and grandkids.  The fact of the matter is this: CrossFit works.  If you put in the work, it works.  It won’t do the work for you.  It’s been said that “CrossFit works because you do”.  Truer words couldn’t be said!

So come in for the Community, put in the Hard Work, and you’ll reap the Results!  It doesn’t matter what your goals are, we will help you reach them.  So be open to our input, be coachable, give us an honest effort, and always be honest with us and yourself about where we are and what struggles we are seeing and how we want to move forward.

Remember, on the road to becoming UNKILLABLE we all have to go through 1-59 before we get to 60.


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FITAID now available!

FITAID now available!



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