Honor Throwdown 2014
Honor Throwdown 2014
Coach Jake at the CrossFit Games
Team TCF at the CF Games Fundraiser
Our Box
Rumble for the Robinsons

Q: How long have you been a member of Titletown CrossFit?
A: 8 Months
Q: In 3-5 words, describe your first CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day)
A: I sweated a lot (that’s pretty much all WOD’s)
Q: What keeps you coming back?
A: The constant challenge. I never get bored because of the variation in the workouts and there’s always something to improve on.
Q: What advice would you give someone who is on the fence about starting CrossFit?
A: Stop hesitating. CrossFit can be done by people of all fitness levels, it’s not just for extreme athletes trying to compete in the games. CrossFit is full of people at all levels just trying to improve their everyday health. If you’re willing to make the commitment, results are sure to come your way.
Q: If you’re not at the box or working, you can find me:
A: Spending time with my family or trying to escape to the golf course.
Q: Favorite workout?
A: Anything that doesn’t involve burpees or double unders.
Q: Favorite all time meal?
A: Steak and Mac & Cheese
Q: What are some goals for this year?
A: There’s a laundry list of small goals but it pretty much boils down to continuing to improve my overall fitness level.

Coaches Comments: Travis is an awesome guy to have as part of the morning workout crew. He also managed to take home the 1st place prize in a recent 30 day Challenge at the gym!  His commitment, consistency and hard work have definitely paying dividends. His coachability and commitment to get better is great. No matter what workout you put in front of him, he knocks it out.  He is getting stronger, faster, and just all around more awesome and UNKILLABLE!

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“Minimizing the What-Ifs”

When I started CrossFit, my collegiate athletic career, aka “the glory days”, was already over.

For my first 22 years of existence, sports were everything to me. I loved being around groups of people who had the same goals, loved hanging out with teammates after practices, loved competing, but mostly, I loved that there was always something to work for.

I didn’t know it at the time, but all the things I loved were core CrossFit principles.

When I was still competing, I heard a quote that hit me like a ton of bricks. “The fear of sporting failure is worse than the fear of death.” It was like someone took my feelings and threw them down on paper.

I trained (or what I thought was training) so I didn’t let myself down, my teammates down, my coaches down etc. I’d do a bunch of shooting drills, lift a few weights i.e. do some curls, chest press etc, and then go for a long slow boring run. To me, that was fitness, that was what would separate me from the rest.

Fast forward a few years: enter CrossFit. What CrossFit has shown me is the actual definition of work, fitness, and results. Another thing it has shown me is regret. Yes, regret. I look back at my competitive days with a lot of regret and a ton of what-ifs.

What-if I: knew about CrossFit earlier? How much better could I have been? How much better could our teams have been?

At a time in life when I am suppose to be slowing down a little, losing my athletic ability; I am still getting better every day thanks to CrossFit.

My main goal as a coach is to help others where I have failed. I want to help you remove all doubt and any what-ifs. Whether you are trying to make the team, earn a starting spot, or keep your starting spot. I want to give you peace of mind, so when someone asks you, “Did you do everything you could?” you can say “YES!” and mean it.

At Titletown CrossFit, we get better every day so you never have to say “what-if” again.

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Gym is Closed today!  Enjoy the Badger game!

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And away we go!  Lots of competition events on the horizon, The Ice Bowl, The CF Games Open, and the Wisconsin Weightlifting Championships all within 2 months time.

Of special note here is the slight changes we will see in programming.  One thing will be skill work daily, and for the most part there will be a timed aspect to it, because after all, competitions are timed.  They will also have an emphasis towards what the Open has been in the past.  Although with the announced changes to the format, namely a Scaled version, there are sure to be some tweaks from the mind of Dave Castro!

The Ice Bowl standards have been released, however with no release of the WODs in advance this year there will be no specific emphasis on the movements outside of the regular classes.

MOBILITY is going to be key over the next couple months, will it be programmed in?  Not necessarily.  HOWEVER, you can always take an extra 5-10 minutes post-WOD to work out any issues that you’re dealing with.  The mobility book will always be right where it always is, find a region you want to work on and become familiar with the movements.

The Wisconsin Weightlifting Championships are April 11th at The Bar East in Green Bay.  If you want to compete there are a few hoops to jump through.  First you must become a USAW member.  Then you must compete with a weightlifting singlet (a wrestling singlet is fine).

One thing I’d like to ask of you is this: if not competing, show up.  Cheer on your fellow gym members, fellow CrossFit athletes, watch and feel the intensity of competition first hand, and then next time, compete!

So here we go, the next few months will pack in a lot of work, a lot of sweat, maybe some tears…but this is what you’ve been training for since the Open finished up last year!  We will score better, we will finish higher, we will astonish ourselves and be super excited about how far we’ve come.  And we will still be super mad that we didn’t do better…but that’s why we compete!  For the love of the game!

God Bless!

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Are you the type of person to make a resolution to get in shape and be healthier? We are ready to help you with that.

Are you the type that’s just looking for something for get you back in the game and help prevent injuries? We are ready for you.

Are you about ready to get back to the gym and break through the holiday stress? We are here.

Or maybe you’re just sick of tired of being sick and tired. Let’s work together to make sure that doesn’t continue.

No matter what your reason is for wanting to start, OnRamp is the best way to a newer, improved you for the coming year and lifetime.

But don’t take it from me, the video above features a couple people that went through hell before joining and maybe even thought they could never do it.  Today they are thriving in and out of the gym.  Losing weight, gaining strength and flexibility, gaining the ability to succeed and function in every day life.  That is what CrossFit is designed for, improving the ability to function in every day life.  We’re here to make you Unkillable!

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Due to furnace issues we will be closed this weekend.  Monday’s classes will be updated on our Facebook Page, Mondays Workout will be 141219 from Friday.  Sorry for the inconvenience this has placed on everybody and if you wish we will grant refunds.  Sorry gang.

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FITAID now available!

FITAID now available!

Sign up for The Ice Bowl! February 7, 2015

Sign up for The Ice Bowl!  February 7, 2015

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