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Honor Throwdown 2014
Honor Throwdown 2014
Coach Jake at the CrossFit Games
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Rumble for the Robinsons

Last day to input 15.1 scores so make sure and get them in!  OnRamp starts TODAY!!!  6:15am or 6:15pm, get in a few minutes early and take care of some paperwork and then get ready for Day 1 of the best change you can make to your health!

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Happy Sunday!

Thinking about starting OnRamp and then not sure what to do after? We’ve unleashed our Essentials class as a permanent option following OnRamp or a transition into our Performance classes. While you can choose either, we believe you’ll love which ever classes you choose!

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On a tombstone you’ll find a person’s lifespan written out as such: March 18, 1933 – April 15, 1987.  There is a world of life and experiences, love and hope, relationships and chances taken and not taken, all contained in that little dash.

But this also relates to life in the gym.

A car’s performance is often based on how it quickly it gets from 0-60.  So let’s use that as a measuring stick in the gym.  If our “goal” is to reach 60, and we all start at 0, we first have to hit 1, then 2, then 3 and so on and so forth.  A lot of times we see people in the gym that are already at 45 and think, “wow that’ll never be me” even though they were once at 0 as well.

What we don’t often see, unless we work out with that person a lot, is the work that they put in to get from 0 to where they are.  Sometimes they are doing double the work in a day, or maybe a little stricter on their diet than we are to get to 60 a bit faster.  Maybe their goals are different than ours.  Maybe they want to compete in CrossFit or Snatch over their body weight, maybe they want to hit a drive 280 yards down the middle of the fairway, or maybe they want to pick up 2 of their children or grandchildren at once!  Whatever our goal is, we come here to attain it.

Maybe you’re coming in to the gym a rusty old pick up truck, maybe you’re coming in a Ferrari in need of a little tune up.  Either way, I promise if you put in the work, do what it takes, you’ll get from 0 all the way to 60.  You may not get there as fast as the person next to you, because let’s face it, we are all different.  We all have different backgrounds.  We all have different levels of competitiveness.  We all eat a little differently.  We all come from a place unique to ourselves, but we also come to a place of Hard Work, Community and Results.

We come here because we know what we want for a reward.  We come for our friends, our workout buddies, our “bros” (even if they’re not exactly a bro…ladies).  We come for the community.  And we are all searching for and working for the same thing: Results.  Whether it’s to stand on that podium, or win the skin on the 18th hole, or holding those adorable kids and grandkids.  The fact of the matter is this: CrossFit works.  If you put in the work, it works.  It won’t do the work for you.  It’s been said that “CrossFit works because you do”.  Truer words couldn’t be said!

So come in for the Community, put in the Hard Work, and you’ll reap the Results!  It doesn’t matter what your goals are, we will help you reach them.  So be open to our input, be coachable, give us an honest effort, and always be honest with us and yourself about where we are and what struggles we are seeing and how we want to move forward.

Remember, on the road to becoming UNKILLABLE we all have to go through 1-59 before we get to 60.


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With the Ice Bowl this weekend and all of our coaches competing the gym will be closed Saturday and Sunday which means NO FREE CLASS!  Normal hours will resume Monday the 9th.  Come on out to CrossFit Green Bay and check out the competition Saturday starting about 9am and running through 4-5pm.

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Happy Monday!  OnRamp begins TODAY!!!  If you missed the morning class you can still hit the evening class at 6:15pm!  

We are also proud to announce the inaugural day of our Essentials Program!  We will be tweaking as we go, of course.  For more details on the class itself click our “Schedules, Classes & Prices” tab on the menu above!

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We would like to introduce CrossFit Essentials classes to our line up at Titletown CrossFit!

Q: What is CrossFit Essentials?
A: CrossFit Essentials is a slightly different class structure from our regular class, however, it is held at the same time.  We do a lot of Olympic Lifting and technique work that doesn’t necessarily appeal to everyone looking for a CrossFit workout.  Therefore, CrossFit Essentials will offer a slightly different look.  Sure, there will still be squats, there will always be squats, you can’t live and not squat!  But, there will be a little bit more emphasis on form, posture, core specific work, and a slightly different Prescribed WOD.  Weights might be different, movements might be a little different as a scaled version, but everyone will still get the greatest thing on earth, improved health through functional movements!!  You will become more Unkillable every day that you’re here.

While down the road we may add specific hours for different types of classes, right now the Essentials schedule is exactly the same as the regular class schedule.  You’ll have a nice warm up, move into your mobility/core work, and then start the WOD with everyone else.

Q: Why are you offering this new class type?
A: Because while we firmly believe CrossFit is for everyone, not everyone wants to compete, some people just want a kick ass workout, to get stronger, to get in better shape to go skiing, to go golfing, to run a marathon.  So while some of us compete in CrossFit and Weightlifting competitions, that doesn’t appeal to everyone, that is where CrossFit Essentials comes in and fills that need for everyone!

Q: When does it start?
A: Monday February 2nd!  Same day as our February OnRamp class!

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Q: How long have you been a member of Titletown CrossFit?
A: 8 Months
Q: In 3-5 words, describe your first CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day)
A: I sweated a lot (that’s pretty much all WOD’s)
Q: What keeps you coming back?
A: The constant challenge. I never get bored because of the variation in the workouts and there’s always something to improve on.
Q: What advice would you give someone who is on the fence about starting CrossFit?
A: Stop hesitating. CrossFit can be done by people of all fitness levels, it’s not just for extreme athletes trying to compete in the games. CrossFit is full of people at all levels just trying to improve their everyday health. If you’re willing to make the commitment, results are sure to come your way.
Q: If you’re not at the box or working, you can find me:
A: Spending time with my family or trying to escape to the golf course.
Q: Favorite workout?
A: Anything that doesn’t involve burpees or double unders.
Q: Favorite all time meal?
A: Steak and Mac & Cheese
Q: What are some goals for this year?
A: There’s a laundry list of small goals but it pretty much boils down to continuing to improve my overall fitness level.

Coaches Comments: Travis is an awesome guy to have as part of the morning workout crew. He also managed to take home the 1st place prize in a recent 30 day Challenge at the gym!  His commitment, consistency and hard work have definitely paying dividends. His coachability and commitment to get better is great. No matter what workout you put in front of him, he knocks it out.  He is getting stronger, faster, and just all around more awesome and UNKILLABLE!

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FITAID now available!

FITAID now available!

Festivus Games at Titletown CrossFit April 18! Click to Register!

Festivus Games at Titletown CrossFit April 18! Click to Register!

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