Ready for the Rumble!
Ready for the Rumble!
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Saturday Free Class Crew
Saturday Free Class Crew
Gotta update from time to time!
Gotta update from time to time!

We will be closed Saturday and Sunday April 19-20, Regular class schedule returns Monday!  CrossFit Green Bay will accept any drop-ins from TCF, as well as they have a Free Class Saturday Morning at 8:15am.

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Ready for actionTitletown CrossFit is officially a year old today.  Couldn’t have done that without some very awesome people!  First and foremost, to the woman that put up with extremely long days and nights, even though she was pregnant for 75% of this first year.  Thank you Kim, I love you!  And thank you for our beautiful daughter Sydney, and our CrossFit baby boy Cayden, born 3/21!

Next up, my coaches!  Jake and Zac not only helped lighten my coaching load which began at 100%, but also hit the ground running and never looked back.  They bought in to what we are building and are helping to not only take you guys to the next level, but our gym as well.

Special thank you to my friend and coach Grant Soletski, owner of CrossFit Green Bay who stoked my passion not only for CrossFit, but for doing things 100% the right way, and for the right reasons.  Thanks Coach!

To every single person that has become not only a member of Titletown, but a family member of Titletown, thank you!  You guys have continually demanded more of us as we have continually demanded more of you.  And you have produced day after day after day.  People say I sometimes have an “evil grin” while I watch you struggle and push yourself.  Let me reassure you that it may look that way, but it is truly a deep down, proud as hell grin because I know the work you are putting in, and I know I’m going to hear that PR bell ring very soon.  Which is why I yell at you guys when it goes ding ding quietly.  You accomplished something that you have been working on for a long time, ring the hell out of it, if it breaks because you hit a PR, I’ll gladly buy a bunch of them!

So what’s in store for Year 2?  Lots!  From our annual WOD events like Murph and 31 Heroes to new challenges and competitions.  We have 1 year to prepare for the next Open, I’m writing down where we finished this year, and we will have a goal for next year!

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you to everyone who continues to make our little gym better and better every day in every way.  You guys are Titletown CrossFit, and I love it!  Robinson Rumble

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Now I hope you know why we wanted you to join the Open.  Not just so you can register and post a score.  Not just to say you did it.  Not so we can check out the team leaderboard and see that Titletown CrossFit finished 3678th overall in the world (296th in region). But for some much, much better reasons.

14.1.  For one, how about realizing that practicing is important?  As soon as double unders came up on 14.1, I could hear the moaning.  So we practice.  We get better.  We start incorporating more doubles, less singles into our daily lives.  True, we may get more whip marks, more aggravated, more frustrated, but we double on.

14.2.  Damn you chest to bar pull ups!  Not my favorite, but a tool used wisely by HQ for separation.  Lots of zeros on that part.  But I also got the response I was looking for: in a word I’m about to make up: pissed-offed-ness.  And people saying we should practice that more.  Hmmm…

14.3.  Deadlifts (zero skill, but strength required).  Strength many didn’t know they had!  Scores that people never thought they’d get!  Literal tears of happiness when someone scored a 93 and hit 185# 3 times for a 30# PRx3.  I saw a look of happy shock.  Made me happy.  Made me walk up to her and say in a nice soft voice, “You just fucking did that.” Made me choke up a bit seeing the reaction.  Very happy.

14.4.  The Chipper.  While I didn’t get to witness much of this with Cayden being born Friday, I did get good feedback from your coaches.  Lots and lots of hard work along with some firsts on Toes to Bar!  Way to go gang!

14.5. Thrusters and Burpees. Ugh. Thrusters suck. Burpees suck. We all knew this going in. We knew it was gonna suck. It did. But you guys persevered, you may have wanted to stop, you may have let the voices convince you that it was a good idea. But you fought on. You finished. You completed a 5 week challenge that showed you a lot of things about yourself. And you triumphed!  I love the effort that I saw, and I know moving forward what we are going to get from you every day! So thank you from your coaches and fellow athletes for the support and cheering on your teammates. Because that’s what it’s all about!

So that’s it, the Open is over.  Regionals are right around the corner, and if you want to go watch some awesome athletes compete head on down to Chicago!  See what you’re up against going into next year…

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So in one week and 5 hours Open WOD 14.1 will be announced.  In advance of that I want to give you a little insight into what’s going to happen.  The WOD will be announced Thursday night live online and then 2 superstars of CrossFit will compete head to head live,  it’s pretty cool to watch.  Then Friday we will be doing these workouts ourselves.  For those that can’t make Friday we will also be reserving Sundays.  NOW if neither work, you can come Saturday to do it.  You can also do it more than 1x if you feel you could and want to improve your score.  Your coaches will have a brief strategy meeting before on how we feel to go about the WOD itself.

IF you are signed up for the open, they may have different standards for Masters versus other divisions, so those will be taken into account.  However, if you are signed up, there is absolutely NO scaling.  These will be Games standards, i.e. depth, weight, movement standards.  No bands, no lighter weights.  One thing I will say is that they do tend to be a little lighter in weights, at least the first round.  You will work for the entire time until the clock runs out or you finish.  Even if you get a score of “0″ you will work your butt off.

These WODs will be the only thing we do these days, with maybe some extra credit if you wish.  You will count/judge your partner, and then they will return the favor.  No leniency.  Push yourself.  Push your partner.  And then be proud as hell of yourself when you enter your score because you competed against the best in the world, and you did everything you could in the process.  Are you ready?  Let’s go to work!

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These were both for the OnRamp offers, make sure to check your tickets and get ahold of me. -Jason

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Thank you to everyone that came out and helped to make this day so special.  Matt and Kelly wanted me to pass on how grateful they are for all of your support!

Total participants in the WOD: 60
Thank you to all the boxes that were represented here today: CrossFit Green Bay, RedDoor CrossFit, CrossFit 920, CrossFit Vanguard and CrossFit De Pere.  Special thanks to the volunteers and participants that helped along the way from Titletown CrossFit as well.

Winning Raffle Tickets: for the Fox CU Basket: 4598118

Winners of the 4 TCF packages: 4598147, 4598120, 4598119, 4598176

You can stop in anytime to pick those up during regular WOD hours or email me and I can deliver them with your Rumble t-shirts which will hopefully be ready within 2 weeks.

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Partner WOD for Time

A) 2 Rounds (Niño)

7 Overhead Squat 135/95
7 Toes to Bar
30 Double unders


B) 2 Rounds (Carmine)

6 Clean & Jerks 155/105
5 Burpee Box Jumps
13 Calorie Row


C) 2 Laps around the Snowy Loop,
RX=partner in sled, switch after 1 lap
Scaled = Sandbags in sled, or your kids, you can decide when you are out there!

Every 15 minutes a group will start with Part A, then move immediately to Part B, then finally Part C (bundle up). When the group ahead of you moves from A to B, you can start setting up your weights, likewise from B to C.

You will follow your partner, when your partner completes the first movement you can start it, then follow them through the WOD until completed and move on to the next section.


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