Coach Jake at the CrossFit Games
Coach Jake at the CrossFit Games
Newest additions to the box!
Newest additions to the box!
Ready for the Rumble!
Ready for the Rumble!

All truth passes through three stages.  First, it is ridiculed.  Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. -Arthur Schopenhauer

This is as true with CrossFit as it is with anything new that comes down the pike.  At first CrossFit was a crazy cult (ridiculed).

Now if you pay attention to people everywhere, from nutrition and fitness classrooms to any fitness professional not associated with it, it is getting very violent opposition.  It will kill you!  You’ll get rhabdo!  The body isn’t meant to be pushed that hard!  It’s too extreme!  You’ll shoot your eye out!  Blah, blah, blah…

So guess what’s next?  The truth that CrossFit is the best fitness program on the planet will be as self evident to everyone else as it is to me and some of you.  Want proof?  Watch the CrossFit Games!

But here is the problem…if you haven’t tried CrossFit yet and you are reading this, some things might happen to you like they happened to lots of other people.  You’ll mention to someone that you’re thinking about giving CrossFit a try.  Now you may be lucky and mention it to someone who truly cares about you and they’ll support you and maybe even join you in your new endeavor.  Or, perhaps, you mention it to a family member or coworker that has a bad self image.  See the problem with these people is that they don’t want their bad self image to become worse by having other people around them in better shape or fitter or happier or making any kind of self improvement.  So they become an anchor and try to latch on to you and hold you or even drag you down to their current state.  I’ve seen it happen, a lot.  People bringing down their own family members because they think that when a person is trying to improve themselves that it means that they are trying to make themselves better than somebody else.  Fact is, the person that they are trying to be better than is their own current self.

We have a saying, “It’s just you versus you”.  You can’t make somebody else ready to make a change in their life, they have to be ready.  So if you’re ready, jump in, ALL IN.  Don’t casually dip a toe in here and there.  Dive in and immerse yourself in to the culture of people making these positive changes that you want to make.  Know what you’ll find?  A community of support! An amazing community that will do anything to help you become better.  Strangers becoming great friends.  From helping you finish a workout, cheering your successes, sharing better recipes, creating a girls night so you and your new friends can get to know each other better in and out of the gym.

This is the most amazing thing to me about CrossFit, the COMMUNITY!  The hard work is self evident.  The results are self evident.  But the community, that’s the amazing thing that you don’t hear about unless you actually talk to a crossfitter (and they will talk about CrossFit).  They’ll relay to you what the work and results are like, but go on and on about the people.

So when you’re ready to commit to yourself that you’re going to be better than what you are, when you’re ready to dive in, ALL IN, we are here.  Our next OnRamp class begins Monday August 4th.  Are you ready?

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Open Gym

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Regular classes as scheduled Monday-Wednesday.  

Thursday morning AM classes ONLY, NO PM Classes.

Friday July 4th, 8:15am Hero WOD (only class).

Saturday and Sunday: No Classes

Monday July 7th: Regular Schedule and Day 1 of July OnRamp.


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Showing off her pants she wore to her first day of OnRamp!

Showing off her pants she wore to her first day of OnRamp!

“An adventure with a twist.

Last July, I left Green Bay on my chopper to cross a couple of things off of my bucket list. Having never traveled straight west any farther than Minneapolis, an adventure of a lifetime had begun. The Badlands, Sturgis, and Needles Hwy. in SD; my first real rally in Red Lodge, MT; a humbling ride up into the snow-capped tips of the Rocky Mountains and back down into Yellowstone and through the absolute grandeur of the Tetons in WY. Amazing!!

I stopped in the Tetons to watch elk grazing near the road. A huge full moon shining down on the mountains and across the water like a painting … the most beautiful scenery I had ever experienced. Then, CRASH! I was hit from behind.

After surgery to reconstruct a fully torn ACL, came 6 months of physical therapy (16x/wk) to relearn how to walk. But I still couldn’t get down steps – or wear any of my extensive collection of super hot high heel shoes. Being short, that’s important too!

An evening out with some fabulous friends led to a conversation about CrossFit. I had to do something to get closer to “normal”. Why not?

I remember stopping in to meet Jason. I had a laundry list of injuries from all my other amazing adventures and just wanted to know if there would be anything at all that he thought I might be able to do. I was willing to try and he was willing to work with me. My doctor gave me a couple of restrictions and my physical therapist thought I was going off the deep end. But I wasn’t going to be influenced by what others thought I couldn’t do.

Little did I know, a real adventure was about to begin – in the form of OnRamp.

My name is Laurie. I’m 46. I’m a single Mom and I own my own home – as well as all the work that goes with it.  I work a full-time and a part-time job. I have grade-2 separations in both of my AC joints, a piece of hamstring holds my knee together; I broke my collarbone, my tailbone and cracked both my lower leg bones. I’ve herniated 2 disks in my neck and had a 3rd one bulging from the accident…. and I do CrossFit!

After just 4 months of classes I’m 3 pounds lighter, but more importantly 7” smaller, and MOST IMPORTANTLY strong enough to take care of business without enlisting any help from others like I had in the past. I learn something new every day, I walk down steps like a pro, and my sexy black summer heels are out of retirement. There will always be room for improvement, but the results so far provide confidence that this is a worthwhile direction to be heading.

When I grow up, I’m going to be a super hero – just like all my other CrossFit peeps. I will leap up on a box in a single bound, I already lift way more than my body weight, and someday I might even run faster than the killdeer!

Be in charge of your own health, happiness, and well-being. If I can do it, anyone can. Just 3 hours a week to start becoming a better you.”

Laurie bought in completely to what we were having her do, even though sometimes it was met with some resistance, but she shrugged off her doubts and tried her best, usually surprising the heck out of herself.  Even though I still laugh at her original goal, arms that don’t flap in the wind on her bike, she has attained every goal that she has set for herself, and she keeps setting new ones.  That’s what its all about, becoming a better, stronger, more self reliant version of our former selves.  CrossFit is about just that, self improvement.  Challenging yourself to become the person you didn’t know you could be.  I look back at where we started with Laurie and her flexibility and endurance and shake my head at the progress she has made.  And grin.  Because she isn’t the exception, she is the rule!


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There WILL be a FREE CLASS at 7:15am Saturday morning with Coach Jake.


Titletown CrossFit will be CLOSED Sunday June 1st.  Classes will resume on normal schedule Monday morning.

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In the coming month or two there will be quite a bit of small but noticeable changes happening at Titletown CrossFit.  Whether its the walls, the emphasis on excellence, or the attitude of becoming unkillable.  Regardless, all the things that you’ll see is for one purpose, to keep us moving forward and to set us apart from every other box in the world.  We will no longer be defined as the CrossFit box for regular people.  Hell, every CrossFit box is for regular people.  Once we start implementing these changes it will become clear what our mission is and who we are.

We are Titletown CrossFit.  We foster championship level fitness to make a breed of unkillable athletes.  You.

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We will be closed Sunday so that we can take each and every one of the 24 hours of this day and use it to honor the lovely ladies in our lives that we call MOM, or Mama, or Hot Mama, or Mommy, or Grandma, or Granny, or whatever you so choose to call your mom or wife or partner or whatever extraordinary woman is a part of your life.  Enjoy it.  I love you mom, and I love you Kim, the beautiful mother of 2 of the cutest kids on the planet!

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