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Jason Nobles

100_4102 - Version 2Owner and head coach at Titletown CrossFit.

I grew up in Wisconsin Rapids playing just about every sport I could sign up for: hockey, basketball, baseball, football, track & field.  I spent a brief time playing football at UW Eau Claire before severely spraining my ankle, which helped me in a very short span gain about 30 pounds in one summer.  After that I ate poorly and skipped out on exercise as much as I could and constantly battled my weight and health.  Even as a chiropractor I didn’t really follow my own recommendations while living up in Lakewood and continued to put on the pounds.  Since moving to Green Bay it’s been easier, and since finding CrossFit, it’s been a breeze (with a lot of hard work).  Now I want to pass my success on to you.

Currently, I live in De Pere with my fiancé Kim, my lively son Liam, our beautiful daughter Sydney and our newborn baby boy Cayden. After working as a chiropractor for the past 10 years, I discovered my true passion after joining CrossFit Green Bay in 2011.  CrossFit has made a significant impact in my life, both personally and professionally, and I am here to help you on your CrossFit journey.

CrossFit goal: To help you get better at living your everyday life.  From picking up the little ones (kids and grandkids) to taking your dog for a walk.  I want you to get better and better, every day in every way!

Favorite WOD/Type: Anything with some Olympic lifts involved, Chippers and Hero WODs.

Favorite lift: Snatch

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CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer; CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified Trainer; Doctor of Chiropractic; Nutritional Counseling Certification

Jacob Spielbauer

100_4114Born and raised in the heart of Titletown, USA, Jake grew up with a passion for his faith and for investing himself in the wellbeing of others. As a young adult, Jake developed a strong competitive drive as a cross-country skier and runner, competing in regional competitions and completing several Birkebeiner races.

After several years of falling out of shape and taking a break from competitive skiing, Jake became a member of CrossFit Green Bay, looking for an opportunity to regain his passion for fitness (and lose his muffin top). After a couple months, he was hooked. He noticed significant changes in his overall wellness, energy, and performance.

Having experienced a significant physical transformation from his training as well as changes in diet and lifestyle, Jake became increasingly excited about the opportunity to use CrossFit to help others. Jake firmly believes in helping people to experience health spiritually, mentally, and physically. He works full time as the Student Pastor at Life Bridge Christian Church, seeking to share the hope of Jesus Christ with students and families in the Howard-Suamico Community. In his work as a coach, Jake desires to mirror his work as a pastor, glorifying God by giving people the tools they need to thrive and walking alongside them through their physical and spiritual growth.

Jake is also passionate about his role as a husband and father. He currently lives in Howard with his wife Shawna and his three children; Rylie, Judah, and Waverly.

CrossFit Goal: Help people exceed their own expectations.

 Favorite WOD/Type: Chippers, Hero WODs



CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Greg Abbott

Website PicI currently live in Appleton with my wife Miranda and our 2-year old son Noah. My wife and I are both chiropractors and enjoy living a healthy and active lifestyle.

I played both baseball and football in college at different Division 1 schools. I was an outfielder on the baseball team at Kent State University my freshman year and was a wide receiver and defensive back on the football team at Elon University my sophomore through senior years.

I first learned about CrossFit in chiropractic school but I ultimately became hooked early in 2013. Once I started CrossFit there was no looking back. It fits perfectly with my athletic background and mindset and I can’t imagine working out any other way now.

CrossFit Goal- I want to help create a level of greatness in every athlete that breeds a competitiveness to attack each and every WOD with maximum effort and intensity.

Favorite WOD/type- The Girls!

Favorite lift- Clean

Coach Greg


CrossFit Level 1 Certification Doctor of Chiropractic, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, Nutritional Counseling Certification