Titletown CrossFit does not have any contracts, or minimum signup periods!

Dues are as follows:

12 sessions over 4 weeks and starts the first Monday of every month. Required for ALL new members (see “Start Here” section for details and the 2 exceptions).

OnRamp plus first month Unlimited  – $225

OnRamp Intensive$225
Condensed six 1-on-1 training, call or email to set up. Starts whenever you are ready, not necessarily the first Monday of the month. Consists of six 1-on-1 sessions with a TCF Coach. The class structure is the same but we will be able to cover more movements with a 1-on-1 setting. Both options include nutritional coaching.

Unlimited Month$137.50:
Only one membership option? Yes. At Titletown CrossFit we do not want to give the athlete incentive to come less than they want i.e. saving a few dollars each month.  Come as often as you want, even multiple times per day with the requirement that you MUST complete the daily WOD before you do a 2nd workout.

Unlimited Month – $99 (Fire Department, EMS, Police, Active Military, High School Athletes)

Drop ins – $20. If you pay $25 drop in fee includes a TCF t-shirt.

Prices are not negotiable.