If you are new to CrossFit you have to go through OnRamp, period. You must show up for all 12 sessions, if you are unable to make a session let me know and we will set up a make up time. During these sessions you will learn how to squat, deadlift and press correctly first, and then we will cover as many movements as we can fit in! We will stretch, work on mobility, do a small warm up, review and learn new movements and then to a WOD (Workout Of the Day) incorporating what we’ve learned that day at the end of each session.

When you complete OnRamp you will be ready to join Performance or Essentials classes.  You will be able to choose your class with your coaches guidance.

12 sessions over 4 weeks. Required for ALL new members. This option begins the first Monday of every month and runs on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. There are 2 class times available for OnRamp each day at 6:15am or 6:15pm. We ask you to stick with one or the other, but if you cannot make it to your chosen time, you are more than welcome to join the other class. Classes run approximately one hour (unless further instruction is needed). Each class will start with mobility work, a small warm up, instruction, drilling and finally a small WOD that encompasses what you’ve learned that day.

OnRamp Intensive
Condensed six or seven 1-on-1 training, call or email to set up. Starts whenever you are ready, not necessarily the first Monday of the month. Consists of six 1-on-1 sessions with a TCF Coach. The class structure is the same but we will be able to cover more movements with a 1-on-1 setting.

CrossFit Performance
For CrossFitters who want to increase their fitness performance. Their goal is to master their weaknesses and improve numbers, scores etc when ever they are in the gym. Their focus on fitness occurs outside the gym too; nutrition and recovery become important tools to help them achieve their fitness goals.

For CrossFitters who want to compete recreationally in the sport of CrossFit. You will meet all the required demands that you need to improve in all domains of CrossFit.

For CrossFitters who want to compete in the sport of CrossFit at a Regional level. This will be a good base to support any additional training program that you might be following.

CrossFit Essentials
For new CrossFitters coming out of OnRamp to create sound movement mechanics and conditioning base.

For current CrossFitters who just want to get fit or stay fit. Their goal is not a 500lb deadllift but to be able to play a game with their kid or go for hikes on the weekend. They show up to class, give it everything they have got and go home, without another thought.

For the injury troubled CrossFitter who still wants to be able to train but needs to scale more than half the movements every time they come in. Being smart and focusing on proper mechanics will allow them to get back to their desired goal faster.

The Essentials schedule is exactly the same as the Performance schedule. You’ll have a nice warm up, move into your mobility/core work, and then start the WOD with everyone else.  While we firmly believe CrossFit is for everyone, not everyone wants to compete, some people just want a kick ass workout, to get stronger, to get in better shape to go skiing, to go golfing, to run a marathon. So while some of us compete in CrossFit and Weightlifting competitions, that doesn’t appeal to everyone, that is where CrossFit Essentials comes in and fills that need for everyone!

Exceptions to OnRamp: Existing CrossFit members and collegiate athletes with a background in Olympic weightlifting can possibly pass OnRamp. You will need to meet with Nik to go over your movements to qualify.