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We are Titletown CrossFit. We understand what it means to work hard. We know that results can only come from overcoming challenges. New experiences fuel our minds and our bodies while our community fuels our hearts. It is our lifeblood. Hard work. Community. Results.

We. Are. Titletown CrossFit.




“Titletown Crossfit is more than a gym – it is a community filled with awesome athletes and amazing coaches. I’ve seen results I never imagined, the coaches are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.”


“Titletown Crossfit has that perfect combination of tough workouts and great people. The coaches and other Crossfitters are awesome. I feel better than I have in years.”


“The coaches at Titletown CrossFit have motivated me to become a better version of myself. I have made significant gains in strength, endurance, and confidence since joining the TCF family in August 2016. Most importantly, my family’s perception of healthy is being shaped into knowing that a strong body and mind is the best way to live.”


“Growing up, I was always bigger and stronger than the other girls, and even some of the boys. I used to hate that I didn’t fit society’s definition of what a women’s body should be, skinny. Being a member of CrossFit has taught me to be proud of my strong body and that beauty isn’t found in shrinking your body down, but rather building it up, inside and out.”



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