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Do you remember how nervous you were on your first day of school? Remember how nervous you were on your first date? So do we…, Like a toddler learning to walk, our first steps of owning a CrossFit gym were also tentative and unsure. We started out like any other CrossFit box. Armed with a vision, a passion for CrossFit, and a loose plan, we began our journey. The road to who we are hasn’t been easy, but it has transformed us. We took over the facility at 1465 Cornell Road and immediately started construction. We opened up the space to double the size, painted the entire place, new lights, new walkway entrance, new equipment, new lockers, new banners, new organizational items and other tools to benefit our Titletown CrossFit community. The new space was also the perfect representation of our commitment to our core values:

  • YOUR goals are OUR goals
  • We will always praise effort over outcome
  • We will celebrate your strengths and attack your weaknesses
  • False praise is poison. There are no short cuts. There’s honor in hard work.
  • Nothing worth achieving comes easy

Every day in the gym we see someone’s story unfold. It is as gratifying as it is humbling to be part of their journey. It serves as a reminder we are absolutely in the right place. When you’re ready, so are we.

– Kevin Durkin and Kelly Demers

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